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Dean’s Message

As you explore Harris College, what do you notice about our students, faculty and staff members, and alumni? They’re all driven professionals, yes, but there’s something else there.

Our students are taking on great challenges and responsibilities. They’re learning professional skills and leadership traits that will last a lifetime, and they are learning in a collaborative manner with their student colleagues engaged in educational programs for other health professions who will become their interprofessional practice partners of tomorrow.

Our faculty carry out TCU’s mission by striving, each day, to impart their knowledge, skills, and professional ethics with each student encounter. They bring incredible expertise – cutting-edge pain management techniques that reduce the risk of opioid dependence, ideas that are shaping the future of our education system, research that is changing how we approach homelessness, evidence-based practice that drastically improves patient care, and skills to give those born without hearing a chance to experience the sound of their loved ones’ voices for the first time. They are joined by staff who create a structure in which students have the necessary support to challenge themselves, learn, and grow.

If this is the promise we make, our alumni represent our promise kept. After graduating from TCU, Horned Frogs turn possibility into reality. Together, we are enhancing health and the human condition.


Susan Weeks, DNP, RN, CNS, FNAP, FAAN
Dean, Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Executive Director, Health Innovation Institute at TCU