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Clinical Experiences

Upon admittance to the TCU Athletic Training Program, you will be assigned a preceptor to gain clinical experience that allow for hands-on learning.  Preceptors are credentialed health care professionals who facilitate education in the clinical environment.

Athletic Training Students will complete clinical experiences, both on-campus in TCU athletic training clinics with a variety of intercollegiate sports, as well as off-campus at high schools, physical therapy clinics, and physician offices. You can expect to be on-campus during your freshmen year, with subsequent placements balancing exposure to lower extremity, upper extremity, equipment intensive, rehabilitation, and general medical environments either on or off-campus. The earliest you can be placed in a rehabilitation or general medical experience will be the spring of Level III and the fall of Level IV, respectively. All clinical placements will consider your strengths and weaknesses, level in the program, learning style, demeanor, and previous clinical experiences.

Professional Licensure and Certification Disclosure