Academic Resource Center Frequently Asked Questions

What if I decide my major within Health Sciences is not what I want to pursue, but I am still interested in health and helping professions?

The Academic Resource Center has professional advisors in Nursing and Health Sciences, as well as a Career Services liaison. If you are still considering a profession within the health and helping professions, it is best to meet with an advisor to learn more about the variety of degrees Harris College offers. Our Career Services liaison can also perform a career assessment to determine where your strengths lie, and what degrees are a best fit for those strengths.

What if Nursing and Health Sciences is not a good fit for me?

TCU’s Center for Academic Services (CAS) provides students the opportunity to explore majors. Students can declare their major as “Pre-Major” through their My.TCU Student Center, and take courses to fulfill the core requirements. During that time you might find an area of interest, as well as meet with the professional advisors in CAS to determine and appropriate fit.

Is there tutoring available in Harris College?

Group tutoring is available for specific courses/majors. Talk to your academic advisor about the tutoring options. Other academic departments offer free tutoring for their courses, including Statistics, Biology and Chemistry.

What happens if I do not meet the minimum GPA requirements?

Students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirements for their major will be placed on academic probation. They will need to discuss what actions need to be taken in order for them to be successful in their major with their academic advisor. An academic advisor should develop a new counseling plan to show how degree requirements will fit into a long-range plan. This is due to minimum grade requirements for major courses. If a student continues to not be successful in their major, then other areas of study should be explored.

Can I declare a Health Science major after leaving the program in an earlier semester?

If you changed your major from Health Sciences earlier in your college career, then you should meet with an academic advisor before declaring again. This will allow you to review the degree requirements and if you can successfully earn a Health Sciences degree. It is possible that one area in Health Sciences might be a better fit for a student then the intended major.