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Center for Collaborative Practice


The implementation of evidence-based guidelines into practice settings can be challenging. There are many variables to consider when instigating changes, revising guidelines or translating new research ideas into practice.

The Center for Collaborative Practice makes implementing practice changes easier by providing assistance and support to community partners.

  • Acute care agencies
  • Hospital systems
  • Community health agencies
  • Long-term care agencies
  • School districts

By bridging research and practice, the Center for Collaborative Practice is able to achieve evidence-based improvement.

  • Bringing practice environments and expert academic faculty members together to assist with implementing practice changes
  • Educating staff members in performing research and implementing best-practice guidelines
  • Facilitating practice change implementations with the potential to impact multiple disciplines
  • Introducing health care practitioners to best practices through the Evidence Based Fellowship


To learn more about how the Center for Collaborative Practice can assist your organization, please contact:

Linda Humphries DNP, RN, ACNS-BC, CCRN
Director, Center for Collaborative Practice