LiiNK (Let’s inspire innovation ‘N kids) Center


The mission of Let’s inspire innovation ‘N Kids is to bridge the gap between academics and social, emotional and healthy well-being for children, parents, educators, and administrators.

  • Train teachers in unstructured, outdoor play and social, emotional learning
  • Train administrators how to achieve academic goals and play, too
  • Develop effective classroom environments
  • Improve teacher satisfaction and happiness
  • Develop healthier students and teachers through unstructured, outdoor play and increased physical activity

LiiNK Milestones

2012  LiiNK launched in two private schools (Trinity Valley School and Starpoint), grades K and 1, in Fort Worth, Texas

2013 TVS and Starpoint grades K-2 adopt LiiNK intervention

2014 TVS and Starpoint add LiiNK in grade 3

2015 Cohort 1 – first four public schools adopt LiiNK (Irving ISD and Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD) in grades K & 1

2016 Cohort 2 – LiiNK is added to 10 more public schools, including four more districts in Texas and one in Oklahoma

LiiNK Results

  • Student BMI is significantly better in intervention schools than control schools
  • Off-task behaviors have decreased among LiiNK students while remaining unchanged in control schools
  • Empathy is improving and bullying is decreasing in intervention schools while the opposite has occurred in control schools
  • LiiNK students continue to be focused and attentive during the fall and spring semesters while control students lose focus throughout the year, especially in the afternoons

For more information about the Let’s inspire innovation ‘N Kids center, please contact:

Debbie Rhea EdD
Director, LiiNK Center