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Where science informs practice and practice informs science.

Sport science has recently become a growing trend in the United States, despite being a time- honored tradition in Europe and Australia. Much of this growth can be attributed to global positioning systems and data analytics, yet sport science is more than both.  Ideally, the data collected should be used to create action that aims to improve the field of sport science.

Bridging the gap and putting science into practice have long been prevalent themes of sport science. What is evident in these thematic constructs is the one-sided nature in which the relationship is presented. A relationship in which knowledge is transferred and translated in a two-way process is necessary, meaning we must bring science and practice together.

Taking that into account, the mission of the Sport Science Center within the Health Innovation Institute at TCU is to bring science and practice together to improve sport performance and athlete health from the laboratory to the playing field, and from the playing field to the laboratory. Our vision is to improve sport performance and athlete health at all levels of competition through the development of evidence-based practice, which results from the knowledge transfer between sports scientists and practitioners. Further, we aim to be an international model of sport science research and education. In order to achieve our vision, the center will focus on the pillars of SPORT: serve, prepare, outreach, research, team.


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To act as a servant; to render assistance.

We will seek to serve athletes and coaches by providing those services that are needed to improve sport performance and athlete health.  We will also serve our students by instilling the commitment to service through action.


To put in proper condition or readiness.

Through our research and education, we will prepare athletes and coaches for excellence on the field and a positive well-being on and off the field. We will extend our preparation beyond the field of sport to mentor students and junior investigators by guiding them to develop innovative approaches that advance sport science and instilling the values of SPORT.


To reach beyond; to exceed.

The center will perform outreach to the local, national, and international community of sport through educational opportunities for all those concerned with the performance and health of athletes, including, but not limited to, parents, teachers, coaches, and physicians.


To make an extensive investigation into.

The center will improve sport performance and athlete health through excellence in research and professional leadership by bringing the practitioner into the laboratory to create a translational two-way highway of knowledge.



A number of persons associated in some joint action.

Recognizing that bridging the gap indicates a one-sided relationship, the Center will stand by our mission statement by bringing together science and practice, such that both sides work together in a collaborative and interdisciplinary fashion to improve sport performance and athlete health.


For more information about the Sport Science Center, please contact:

Stephanie Jevas, Ph.D.
Interim Director, Sport Science Center