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TCU’S Habilitation of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Opportunities in HDHH


The Habilitation of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (HDHH) program, a BS degree track in the Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, has created a curriculum which is unparalleled in the state of Texas and offers graduates broad professional opportunities centered on the education of children with hearing impairments. This unique program offers graduates the opportunity to be certified as an educator of the deaf and hard of hearing at all levels (early childhood through high school) in addition to your choice of:

  • Certification in general education at the elementary school level (early childhood through grade 6)
  • Certification in English language arts at the secondary level (8 through 12 grade)

As a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, you will be an expert in language acquisition and the unique learning and communication needs of your students. This program will help you gain the knowledge and experience needed to enhance the teaching and learning of students in clinical and classroom settings.

At TCU, we have been training educators of the deaf and hard of hearing for more than 50 years. We have a reputation of excellence, producing graduates who are highly sought after throughout the state. One of the great benefits of obtaining a BS in HDHH at TCU is the broad scope of career opportunities that await you upon graduation. Our graduates have consistently obtained employment after graduation, and the need for educational services by those with deafness or significant hearing loss is much greater than the availability of trained professionals who are able to meet their educational needs. Graduates of our HDHH program are equipped with knowledge and skills desired by school districts and programs for the deaf and hard of hearing around the country.

A bachelor of science in habilitation of the deaf and hard of hearing at TCU is a commendable choice for an undergraduate major. Not only are you choosing a career which will enable you to impact lives in ways that empower humans to achieve their true potential, but you will be choosing a field that will allow you to advance as an educator and leader.

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