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Davis School of COSD Research

Our Ph.D. faculty in the Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders (COSD) are actively involved in programmatic research and offer research experiences to students interested in learning more about the scholarly process.  As teacher-scholar-practitioners, our faculty are able to translate knowledge and skill from the laboratory to the classroom and the clinic. In addition to programmatic lines of research, COSD faculty have been active mentors in guiding students who pursue graduate theses, undergraduate honors research projects, and McNair Scholarship projects.

Syntax Assessment and Intervention Lab (SAIL)  

Childhood Hearing Loss & Language Development (CHLLD)  

Fluency and Fluency Disorders & Multicultural Issues  

Laryngeal Function Lab (Parkinsonology)  

Laboratory of Applied Swallowing Research (LASR)  

Bilingual Education and Research (BEaR)  

Biofeedback Education for Speech Treatment (BEST)