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Roina I. Baquera Instructor of Professional Practice 817-257-4153 Kinesiology
Phil Esposito Assistant Professor 817-257-6866 Kinesiology
Stephanie Jevas Director, Athletic Training Program and Associate Professor of Professional Practice 817-257-5733 Kinesiology
Adam C. King Assistant Professor 817-258-6869 Kinesiology
Joel Mitchell Professor & Chair 817-257-6867 Kinesiology
Jonathan M. Oliver Assistant Professor and Director, Sport Science Center 817-257-5623 Kinesiology
Melody Phillips Associate Professor 817-257-6865 Kinesiology
Deborah J. Rhea Professor, Associate Dean of Health Sciences & Research, Director LiiNK Project 817-257-6861, 817-257-5263 Kinesiology
Meena Shah Professor 817-257-6871 Kinesiology
Gloria B. Solomon Professor 817-257-6868 Kinesiology
Ben Timson Clinical Education Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Professional Practice 817-257-6737 Kinesiology
Andreas Kreutzer Instructional Lab Coordinator 817-257-6859 Kinesiology
Elizabeth Pettijohn Administrative Assistant 817-257-7665 Kinesiology