Andreas Kreutzer

Instructional Lab Coordinator
Rickel Academic Wing 259 | 817-257-6859

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MS, Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology), Texas Christian University (2014)
BA, English (Writing), Boise State University (2010)

Courses Taught

KINE 40903 - Senior Internship
KINE 60613 - Graduate Exercise Physiology
KINE 30634 - Undergraduate Exercise Physiology
KINE 30523 - Exercise Assessment & Prescription
KINE 10603 - Anatomical Kinesiology
PEAC 10721 - Racquetball
KINE 30343 - Theory of Coaching (Teaching Assistant)
KINE 40623 - Physical Education for the Secondary Youth (Teaching Assistant)
KINE 40313 - Individual & Dual Sports (Teaching Assistant)
KINE 30733 - Exercise Psychology (Teaching Assistant)

Areas of Focus

Genetic influences on athletic performance and athlete health; Effects of exercise programming/nutritional supplementation on training outcomes; Exercise/nutrition and endothelial function

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  • Kreutzer, A, Martinez, CA, Kreutzer, M, Stone, JD, Mitchell, JB, Oliver, JM. Effect of ACTN3 polymorphism on self-reported running times. J Strength Cond Res. 2019;33(1):80-88.
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  • Shah, M, Bailey, S, Gloeckner, A, Kreutzer, A, Adams-Huet, B, Cheek, DJ, Mitchell, JB. Effect of acute exercise on postprandial endothelial function in postmenopausal women: a randomized cross-over study. J Investig Med, 2019;67(6):964-970.
  • Tufano JJ, Conlon JA, Nimphius S, Oliver JM, Kreutzer A, Haff GG. Different Cluster Sets Result In Similar Metabolic, Endocrine, And Perceptual Responses In Trained Men. J Strength Cond Res. 2019;33(2):346-354.
  • Stone JD, Kreutzer A, Mata JD et al. Changes in Creatine Kinase and Hormones over the Course of an American Football Season. J Strength Cond Res. 2019;33(9):2481-2487.
  • Carbuhn A, Reynolds S, Campbell C, Bradford L, Deckert J, Kreutzer A, Fry, A. Effects of Probiotic (Bifidobacterium longum 35624) Supplementation on Exercise Performance, Immune Modulation, and Cognitive Outlook in Division I Female Swimmers. Sports. 2018;6(4):116.
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  • Oliver JM, Kreutzer A, Jenke S, Phillips MD, Mitchell JB, Jones MT. Acute response to cluster sets in trained and untrained men. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2015;115(11):2383-93.

Podium Presentations

  • Acute kinematic, kinetic, and hormonal responses to cluster sets in hypertrophic parallel back squat exercise in trained and untrained young and old men Texas ACSM Annual Meeting 2014, Fort Worth, TX.

Poster Presentations

  • Kreutzer, A, Zaragoza, J A, Oliver, JM, Anzalone, AJ, Como, T, Juovich, D, Hall, J, O’Bryant, S, Urbina, SL, Taylor, LW. Head Trauma Biomarkers In NCAA Men’s Soccer Athletes Over The Course Of A Season. Med Sci Sport Ex. 2019;51(5):Supplement, S790. ACSM Annual Meeting Orlando, FL.
  • Askow AT, Stone JD, Kreutzer A, Martinez CA, Kreutzer M, Mitchell JB, Oliver JM. ACTN3 Genotype Frequencies among Recreationally Trained Men and Women in a Major U.S. City. NSCA Annual Meeting 2017. Las Vegas, NV.
  • Martinez CA, Kreutzer A, Kreutzer M, Stone JD, Mitchell JB, Oliver JM. The Effect of ACTN3 Genotype on Self-Reported One-mile Running Time in Young, Recreationally Active Women. ACSM Annual Meeting 2017. Denver, CO.
  • Kreutzer A, Jenke SC, Stone JD, Mata JD, Jagim A, Jones MT, Mitchell JB, Oliver JM. Cluster and Traditional Set Configurations Elicit Similar Myokine Responses. NSCA Annual Meeting 2016. New Orleans, LA.
  • Stone JD, Kreutzer A, Mata, JD, Jagim A, Jones MT, Oliver JM. Off-season and in-season plasma cortisol responses in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division-I football players. NSCA Annual Meeting 2016. New Orleans, LA.
  • Kreutzer A, Zavala P, Fleming S, Jones MT, Oliver JM, Jagim A. The effect of 8 weeks of colostrum and bio-active peptide supplementation on body composition in recreational male weight lifters. ISSN Annual Conference 2016. Clearwater Beach, FL.
  • Stone JD, Kreutzer A, Oliver JM, Jones MT, Kisiolek J, Jagim AR. Comparison of Prediction Equations to Indirect Calorimetry in Men and Women Athletes. ISSN Annual Conference 2016. Clearwater Beach, FL.
  • Kreutzer A, Jenke SC, Jones MT, Phillips MD, Mitchell JB, Oliver, JM. Velocity drives power output during the back squat using cluster set and traditional configurations. NSCA Annual Meeting. J Strength Cond Res. 2014;28:1-130.

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014 – Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Apr 2014 – Harris College Student Research Symposium Poster Award
Feb 2014 – Student Research Development Award – TACSM

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) – National Strength and Conditioning Association
Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry Operator (GE Healthcare/DEXA Solutions)

American College of Sports Medicine – Texas Chapter (TACSM; since 2012)

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM; since 2013)

National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA; since 2013)

American Physiological Society (APS; since 2018)

Society for Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology (STORK; since 2018)


Graduate Student Senator Since Apr 2020
Chief Review Editor at SportRxiv Since Mar 2020
Review Editor at SportRxiv Feb 2019 – Mar 2020
Reviewer for MDPI journals Since Apr 2019
Publication committee member at STORK Since Jan 2019
Departmental Review Board Reviewer at TCU Since Feb 2018