Christopher Watts

Educational Background

B.S. (University of South Alabama)
Ph.D. (University of South Alabama)

Teaching Responsibilities

Neuromotor Disorders

Research Interests

Laryngeal Function & Disorders
Neuromotor Speech Disorders

Professional Certifications

Texas License – SLP

Selected Publications

Watts CR, Hamilton A, Toles L, Childs L, Mau T (2015). A Randomized Controlled Trial of Stretch-and-Flow Voice Therapy for Muscle Tension Dysphonia. Laryngoscope, 125(6): 420-425.

Watts CR, Ronshaugen R, Saenz D (in press). The Effect of Age and Vocal Task on Cepstral/Spectral Measures of Vocal Function in Adult Males. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 29(6): 415-423.

Watts CR (2015). The Effect of CAPE-V Sentences on Cepstral/Spectral Measures in Dysphonic Speakers. Folia Phoniatrica et Logopedica, 67(1): 15-20

Watts CR, Diviney S, Hamilton A, Toles L, Childs L, Mau T. (2015). The Effect of Stretch-and-Flow Voice Therapy on Measures of Vocal Function and Handicap. Journal of Voice, 29(2):191-199

Awan SN, Bressman T, Poburka B, Roy N, Sharp H, Watts CR (2015). Dialectical Effects on Nasalance: A Multicenter, Cross-Continental Study. Journal of Speech, Language, & Hearing Research, 58(1): 69-77.

Watts CR, Awan SN. (2015). An Examination of Variations in the Cepstral Spectral Index of Dysphonia (CSID) Across a Single Breath Group in Connected Speech. Journal of Voice. 29(1): 26-34

Watts CR. (2014). Preliminary Experimental Evidence Supports The Need For Further Research Into The Effects of LSVT LOUD on Voice and Speech Function in Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Evidence-Based Communication Assessment and Intervention, 7(4): 139-144.

Watts CR. (2013). Measurement of Hyolaryngeal Muscle Activation Using Surface Electromyography for Comparison of Two Rehabilitative Dysphagia Exercises. Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 94: 2542-8.

Peterson J, Watts CR, Cooper B. (2013). Laryngeal Aging and Acoustic Changes in Male Rat Ultrasonic Vocalizations. Developmental Psychobiology, 55(8):818-28 .

Watts CR, Rousseau B. (2012). Slippery elm, its biochemistry, and use as a complementary and alternative treatment for laryngeal irritation. Journal of Investigational Biochemistry, 1(1): 17-23.

Watts CR. (2012). Behavioral voice therapy in children with vocal fold nodules.  Evidence Based Practice Briefs, 6: 49-56.

Watts CR, Awan S. (2011). Spectral/Cepstral Analysis of Sustained Vowels vs. Continuous Speech in Hypofunctional and Normal Voice Subjects. Journal of Speech, Language, & Hearing Research; 54(6): 1525-1537..

Awan SN, Omlor K. Watts CR (2011). Effects of Vowel Loading and Computer System on Measures of Nasalance.  Journal of Speech, Language, & Hearing Research; 54(5), 1284–1294.

Watts CR, Mecham RP, Knutsen RH, Ciliberto C (2011). Evidence for Heterozygous Abnormalities of the Elastin Gene  (ELN) Affecting the Quantity of Vocal Fold Elastic Fibers: A Pilot Study. Journal of Voice, 25(2), e85-90.

Laryngeal Function Lab

Professional Affiliations

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

ASHA SIG 3 – Voice

Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Voice Foundation

International Association of Logopedics & Phoniatrics