Dennis J. Cheek

Abell-Hanger Professor of Gerontological Nursing
Annie Richardson Bass Building 2232 | 817-257-6741


Post-Doctorate Fellowship, Molecular Genetics in Research, Health and Society 2000
Inaugural Summer Genetic Institute
National Institute of Health-National Institute of Nursing Research & Georgetown University

Post-Doctorate Fellowship, American Heart Association-Nevada Affiliate, 1997.

Doctor of Philosophy, December 1996
Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology
University of Nevada, Reno.

Master of Science in Nursing, August 1988
Critical Care and Nursing Education
School of Nursing-University of California, San Francisco.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, May 1982
School of Nursing-California State University, Fresno.

Courses Taught

Fall-Undergraduate: pathophysiology and pharmacology; Graduate: advanced pharmacology

Spring-Undergraduate: pathophysiology and pharmacology; Graduate: cardiovascular physiology/pathophysiology

Summer-Doctoral: emerging sciences for the advanced healthcare provider

Areas of Focus

There are two specific areas of research. The first encompasses cellular and biological sciences, including the genetic/genomic cellular/tissue expressions and subsequent clinical presentation of cardiovascular disease with the role of functioning endothelial cells and subsequent causative factors involved in the development of dysfunctional endothelium and heart disease especially in women. The second area of research is pharmacology, specifically the role of the various genomic makeup of the patient such as pharmacogenomics in order to reduce adverse drug reaction and improve drug efficacy.

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Cheek, D.J. (2016, October 20). Integrating Pharmacogenomics into healthcare. Invited to present Keynote at Barnes Jewish Hospital Research Conference, St. Louis, Missouri.

Cheek, D.J. (2014, June 26). Pharmacogenomics and the older adult. Invited, Keynote Speaker at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, Geri and Richard Brawerman Nursing Institute-Nursing Research Conference, Los Angeles, California.

Cheek, D.J. (2016, June 18). Pharmacogenomics and your clinical practice. Invited to present at Texas Clinical Nurse Specialist Symposium, Round Rock, Texas.

Bashore, L., Borcher, L., Cheek, D.J., Howington, L & Daniels, G. (June 6-8, 2016). Support to Integrate of Genomics &Genetics into Nursing Curriculums. Poster presentation, STTI 3rd European Regional Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Cheek, D.J. (2013, May). Pharmacogenomics and clinical practice. Invited to present at AACN-NTI, Boston, Massachusetts.

Cheek, D.J. (2013, March). Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics (invited speaker). National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist (100 attendees), San Antonio, Texas.

Nominated for Chancellor Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar,  HCNHS representative, 2020

Nominated for Chancellor Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar, HCNHS representative, 2017

Recipient of the International Society of Nurses in Genetics (ISONG) Founder Award in Excellence for Genetics Education, 2015

Recipient of the Ruth Eloise Sperry Teaching Award, 2010

Nominated for the Dean’s Research Award, Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences Representative, 2009

Nominated by a member of the TCU House of Student Representative for the 2009 SGA Academic Excellence Award, 2009

Recipient of 3rd Prize in Clinical Writing Award by Nursing2007, 2007

Recipient of the Faculty of the Year Award by Student Nurses Association, 2007

Nominated for the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity, College of Health and Human Sciences representative, 2004

Named Abell-Hanger Professor of Gerontological Nursing, 2004

Fellow of the American Heart Association and Council on Cardiovascular Nursing (FAHA), 2002

Invited Fellow Inaugural NIH/NINR Summer Genetic Institute, summer 2000

Recipient of Young Investigator Award from American Motility Society, 1992

Named Abell-Hanger Professor of Gerontological Nursing, 2004. Fellow of the American Heart Association and Council on Cardiovascular Nursing (FAHA), 2002

American Association of Critical Care Nurses, 1982-present. American Heart Association-Council on Cardiovascular Nursing, 1998-present. American Nurse Association/Texas Nurse Association, 2004-present. American Physiological Society, 1999-present. American Society for Pharmacological and Experimental Therapeutics, 1994-present. International Society of Nurses in Genetics (ISONG), 2009-present. National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist (NACNS), 2005-present. National Gerontological Nursing Association, 2004-present. Southern Nursing Research Society, 2002-present.

International Society of Nursing in Genetics (ISONG)-Elected Board Member, 2014-2016. Texas Nurses Association, District 3—Immediate Past President—2013–2014. Texas Nurses Association, District 3-President—2011-2013. Southern Nursing Research Society (SNRS)-Communication liaison with Program Committee 2012. Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM)—Summer Conference Planning Committee-2010-2011. Doctoral Education Conference SubCommittee-American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), 2010-12. Research Committee, National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA), 2005-2013. International Society of Nursing in Genetics (ISONG)-Plenary Committee, 2009-2010. Chair, AACN NTI Workgroup, 2004-05.