Joel B. Mitchell

Joel B. Mitchell, Ph.D.

Educational Background
Ph.D. Ball State University 1988 Human Bioenergetics
M.A. University of Maryland 1983 Exercise Physiology
B.A. Lewis and Clark College 1978 Psychology

Teaching Responsibilities
Undergraduate: Anatomy, Exercise Physiology,  and Sr. Research.
Graduate: Exercise Physiology, Laboratory Techniques, Cardiopulmonary Physiology, Exercise Metabolism

Current Research Interests
My research has dealt with questions regarding carbohydrate intake prior to and during exercise,  fluid balance
and thermoregulation during exercise, and recovery from exercise in warm environments. I have also conducted
research on the influence of acute and chronic exercise on immune system function, and the influence of exercise
on risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Recent Papers
Wooten, J.S., M.D. Phillips, J.B. Mitchell, R. Patrizi, R.N. Pleasant, R.M. Hein, R.D. Menzies, and J.J. Barbee. Resistance
exercise and lipoproteins in postmenopausal women. Int. J. Sports Med. Advance. 32:7-13, 2011.

Hubing, K.A., J.T. Bassett, L.R. Quigg, M.D. Phillips, J.J. Barbee, and J.B. Mitchell. Exercise-associated hyponatremia:
the influence of pre-exercise carbohydrate status combined with high volume fluid intake on sodium concentrations
and fluid balance. Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 5:797-807, 2011.

Mitchell, J.B., M.D. Phillips, R.C. Yellot, and K.A. Hubing. Resistance and aerobic exercise: the influence of mode on the
relationship between IL-6 and glucose tolerance in young men who are obese. J Strength Cond. Res.  25: 1529-37, 2011.

Phillips, M.D., J.B. Mitchell, L.M. Currie, R.C. Yellott, and K.A. Hubing. Influence of commonly employed resistance
exrcise protocols on circulating IL-6 and indices of insulin sensitivity. J. Strength Cond. Res. 24(1091-1101, April 2010

Mitchell, J.B., J.Rowe, J.J. Barbee, M. Shah, A.M. Watkins, S. Simmons, and C. Stevens. The effect of prior exercise on
postprandial blood lipid responses in lean and obese young women following ingestion of a high carbohydrate meal.
Int. J. Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. 18:49-65, 2008

Watkins, A.M., D. J. Cheek, A. E. Harvey, K. E. Blair, and J.B. Mitchell. Heat Shock Protein (HSP-72) Levels in Skeletal
Muscle Following Work in Heat. Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine 78:901-905, 2007

Mitchell, J.B., M. D. Phillips, R.C. Yellott, and L. M. Currie. Resistance and aerobic exercise: the influence of mode on
the relationship between IL-6 and glucose tolerance in obese young men. (In review, 2009).

Projects in Progress

  • The effects of a single bout of aerobic exercise on measures of endothelial function
  • The effects of a short-term super high intensity training program on aerobic performance predictors and aerobic metabolism in well-trained endurance athlete
  • Influence of hydration and carbohydrate status on serum sodium levels and possible regulatory factors related to exercise-associated hyponatremia