Phil Esposito

Associate Professor of Professional Practice and Undergraduate Program Director
Rickel Academic Wing 172G | 817-257-6866


Ph.D., University of Michigan
MS, Missouri State University
BS, Truman State University

Courses Taught

KINE 10101 - Introduction to kinesiology
KINE 30423 - Motor development
KINE 30833 - Physical activity and disability
KINE 30843 - Neuromuscular pathophysiology
KINE 40103 - Senior seminar
KINE 40700 - Practicum in adapted physical activity
KINE 40793 - Senior research
KINE 40903 - Senior internship
NURS 30063 - Global perspective in health (Ireland)

Areas of Focus

Health and physical function in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Interventions targeting health & developmental disparities in individuals with intellectual disabilities

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Harris, N., Evans, E., Fronk, C., Decker, D., & Esposito, P. (2020). Lower Limb Strength & Balance in Adults with and without Down Syndrome.  Poster presentation at the 2020 American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), Denver, Colorado.

4x Wassenich Award for mentoring nominee

Student Government Association (SGA) Faculty of the year (Harris College)

North American Federation for Adapted Physical Activity (NAFAPA)
American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

Associate Editor
Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly

Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Research in Developmental Disabilities
Journal of Motor Learning and Development

Senior clinical director, Special Olympics Texas

Regional Clinical Advisor, Special Olympics North America