Tim Gollaher

Tim Gollaher, CRNA, DNP, Associate Director

Tim Gollaher obtained his basic nursing education from Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in Lubbock, Texas graduating second in a class of sixty-three in 1978. He worked in critical care for 16 years in a variety of settings, including SICU, ED, and flight nursing. Dr. Gollaher was active in the Emergency Nurses Association for many years, and was one of the first Trauma Nurse Core Course instructors in Texas.

Dr. Gollaher received his BSN from West Texas State University in 1993, and his MHS from Texas Wesleyan University in 1995. He received the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from TCU May 2012. After three years in clinical practice, he returned to Texas Wesleyan University as a part-time instructor, while maintaining a full-time clinical practice at Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth, and an office practice in cosmetic surgery. While at Texas Wesleyan University, he initially developed the Human Patient Simulator Lab, in addition to teaching clinical didactics to second and third year students.

Dr. Gollaher continues his clinical practice at Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth. He is married to Barbara, and has one daughter, Vanessa.