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Welcome to the Kinesiology Department. If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of human movement, you will enjoy studying in our department at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Kinesiology includes the study of human movement from anatomical, biomechanical, motor control, physiological, and psychological perspectives. Students have the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of how the human body works, and studies involve classroom work supplemented by a variety of hands-on learning experiences in research, clinical, educational, and athletic settings.



To prepare graduates to become leaders in a variety of human movement-based settings, and to advance knowledge within kinesiology.


The programs of study in the Kinesiology Department are designed to provide students with the educational background necessary for further study in kinesiology or a career in a variety of movement-based professions. The bachelor of science degree is offered with majors in athletic training, health and fitness, movement science, and physical education. In the master of science program, you can choose to study exercise physiology, motor control, nutrition and disease, or sport psychology.


The Department of Kinesiology offers courses of study including minors, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Ph.D. options.

BSAT Athletic Training
BS Health & Fitness
BS Movement Science
BS Physical Education – Strength & Conditioning
BS Physical Education
MS Kinesiology
Ph.D. Health Sciences

Areas of Study

Explore the field of kinesiology at home and abroad. In addition to the other study abroad programs offered by TCU, the Department of Kinesiology gives students a chance to see how kinesiology is taught and put into practice in Chile and Argentina.

Study Abroad

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