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Graduate Kinesiology

The mission of the graduate program in kinesiology is to provide students the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the theoretical basis of human movement. Students are able to specialize in one of the subdisciplines within kinesiology; however, the departmental core curriculum also gives students cross-disciplinary exposure to the study of human movement.

Along with classroom studies, involvement in original laboratory research constitutes a major means by which students gain a broad understanding of their specialty area. At the completion of the master’s degree program, students should be able to provide strategies for solving both practical problems and research questions within the disciplines and integrate movement-based principles into a variety of activities taking place in laboratory, educational, clinical and athletic settings.

Graduate Kinesiology Degree Requirements

Ph.D. in Health Sciences

MS in Kinesiology

Exercise Physiology
Exercise Psychology
Motor Control
Nutrition, Physical Activity & Chronic Disease
Sport Psychology

Kinesiology Labs & Centers

Applied Metabolic and Physiology Lab
Neuromuscular Physiology Lab
Metabolic Lab
Motor Behavior Lab
Physical Activity & Developmental Disability Lab
Sport & Exercise Psychology Lab
LiiNK Center