Exercise Physiology Lab

Take the lead on discovering how exercise combats diseased states

The Exercise Physiology Laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology is located in room 259 of the Rickel Academic Wing. It contains a variety of basic equipment for the assessment of human physiological function (treadmills, cycle ergometers, metabolic carts, heat chambers, and strength testing devices), as well as a blood chemistry lab equipped to perform basic blood and tissue assays.  We are also in the process of developing a fully-equipped resistance exercise laboratory.

Blood and tissue analysis capabilities include spectrophotometers, fluorometer, osmometer, electrolyte analyzers, centrifuges, an ultra-low freezer, a cell harvester, a laminar flow biological hood, a differential cell counter/hematology analyzer, a microplate reader, an ultrasound device for FMD, cell incubators, a multiplex analysis unit, a DEXA, and numerous small pieces of support instrumentation. In addition, faculty in the lab collaborate with members of the Biology, Psychology, and Nursing Departments to expand our research capabilities through the use of the Core Biology Lab. The latter includes a flow cytometer, an ABI 7500 platform for real time RT-PCR, and other instruments for cellular and molecular-level analysis. With this equipment, we have the ability to conduct a variety of research projects dealing with the investigation of the effects of heat exposure on the stress responses during exercise and ways to mitigate these responses, the effects of exercise as a means of reducing the risk of diseases associated with inactivity, and the relationship between exercise and a variety of immunological responses.

The laboratory is used to conduct class laboratory exercises at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, senior research projects for the undergraduate movement science majors, master’s thesis projects, and faculty research projects. Students at all levels are encouraged to participate in ongoing research in the Exercise Physiology Laboratory, either to satisfy requirements or simply to broaden their research experience.


Room 259
TCU Rickel Academic Wing



Dr. Melody Phillips