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Exercise Psychology

Our MS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise psychology is designed for students who are interested in obtaining a knowledge base in the psychological antecedents and consequences of physical activity participation with an emphasis on recreation, exercise, and physical education.  Students completing this area of study are prepared to apply physical activity principles in the schools, and in working with the active general population.

As a research-intensive degree, this includes the investigation of the following topics.

  • Effects of physical activity in the school setting on academic performance and character development
  • Use of increased recess and the restructuring of the school day as interventions to improve the development and physical well-being of children

Coursework is designed to provide students with a sound theoretical background in basic and applied exercise psychology, and research methods. The exercise psychology emphasis is meant to prepare students for further graduate study, employment in school settings, and other occupations dealing with exercise and health, particularly for children.


Exercise Psychology Faculty

Dr. Debbie Rhea
Dr. Robyn Trocchio


Exercise Psychology Research

LiiNK Project