Applied Metabolic and Physiology Lab

Take the Lead On advancing the health of our community through lifestyle behavior change.


The overarching goal of the Applied Metabolic and Physiology Laboratory is to investigate how community-based behavior change programs affect outcomes associated with chronic disease risk.

The primary behaviors of interest are physical activity and diet, but we strive to collaborate with those who have expertise in other pillars of lifestyle medicine including sleep and stress management. Outcomes of interest include: lipid levels, lipoprotein particle size and concentration, circulating inflammatory marker concentration, fitness (VO2), body composition, body weight, and blood pressure.

The laboratory is used to conduct class laboratory exercises at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, senior research projects for the undergraduate movement science majors, master’s thesis projects, and faculty research projects. Students at all levels are encouraged to participate in ongoing research in the Exercise Physiology Laboratory, either to satisfy requirements or simply to broaden their research experience.

Please reach out to Dr. Ryan Porter if you are interested in working in this area.


Room 259
TCU Rickel Academic Wing



Dr. Ryan Porter