Neuromuscular Physiology Lab

Taking the Lead On optimizing human performance through exercise.


The mission of the Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory is to produce innovative, high-quality research that improves human performance through exercise. The primary focus of the lab centers on neuromuscular adaptations that occur with resistance training. Additional research areas relate to motor control, muscle hypertrophy and atrophy, exercise design and prescription, and sex differences in fatiguability and motor performance. The goals of the laboratory are to identify and disseminate factors that improve performance in healthy individuals and optimally restore motor function in clinical populations.

The Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory provides students with an immersive, research-intensive learning environment that may prepare them for careers in applied, research, and clinical settings. Undergraduate and graduate students will have the opportunity to perform independent and collaborative research projects in these areas and submit their findings to peer-reviewed journals.

Please contact Dr. Joshua Carr if you have interest in these areas.


Room 035
TCU Rickel Academic Wing


Dr. Joshua CarrĀ