Davies School Assists Families with Children who Stutter


Parenting is stressful, no matter what your child’s age or challenges. Parents with young children who stutter have additional uncertainties of what life will be like for their child. Experts say they face numerous questions: “Will the condition last forever?” “Did I contribute to it?” And, like every parent, “How can I help them?”

The child also may suffer. They can feel frustrated or embarrassed, and the way they may deal with their speech disorder is to talk very little or not at all, experts report. They are also more likely to be bullied and have lower self-esteem as they move into adolescence.

To assist, TCU’s Davies School of Communications Sciences & Disorders has for decades offered support groups for those in the community who stutter. One is S-POPS, Support for Parents of Preschoolers Who Stutter. The other serves children ages 7-17 and is a partnership between TCU, the Fort Worth ISD and the local chapter of National Stuttering Association.

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