Harris Alumnus Solves New Problems Using Old Procedure


David Gaskin, CRNAA graduate of the Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences is utilizing a procedure from 100 years ago to treat relative new symptoms being experienced in COVID-19 recovery.

KBTX-3 in Bryan, Texas, recently featured David Gaskin ’93, CRNA (’19 Advanced Pain Management Fellowship Certificate) for his use of Stellate Ganglion Block. Although many who contract COVID-19 have mild symptoms, some face lingering issues, such as loss of taste and smell, fatigue or brain fog, and the treatment is showing success.

“The Stellate Ganglion Block, and we’re calling it a block because we’re simply blocking nerve transmission through that sympathetic ganglion, has been used for many, many years,” said Gaskin. “Not particularly for COVID symptoms, but more for PTSD, complex regional pain syndrome.”

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