LiiNK Project Offers Parent Workshop


Raising Resilient Children in a Sedentary High Tech World

Where: Rees Jones Hall, Room 112
When:July 27, 2019 and Sept 28, 2019 – Saturdays
Contact info: Jocelyn Warren | | 817-257-7685




Workshop Description

Parents are faced with many challenges and decisions that have never been as critical to raising healthy, happy, resilient children as they are today. At the root of these decisions is what role technology plays in school and at home, how to optimize activities families engage in, and working with schools to produce a better environment for the whole child. Parents’ success in raising children today depends on their ability to create an environment that builds focus, confidence, intrinsic motivation, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity in their children so they can overcome the challenges that come their way – in a word, resilience.

This workshop will introduce the power of unstructured, outdoor play as the medium for developing the environment needed to build resilience in children. Parents will learn about why the outdoors is so powerful and how families can become more cohesive through play. Parents will learn to decipher when technology is damaging and how to overcome societal pressures to continue on that path. Finally, parents will learn how to communicate more effectively with schools to build a more balanced whole child environment at all grade levels.


Session Leader

Dr. Debbie Rhea, TCU Professor, Associate Dean of Research in Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and Founder and Director of the LiiNK Project. You can learn more about LiiNK and her newest book, Wrong Turns, Right Moves in Education, at


Dress Code

Casual – Please come dressed to participate in unstructured, outdoor play breaks during the workshop (e.g., comfortable walking shoes).