Senior Spotlight: Jorge Guzman


Jorge GuzmanJorge Guzman
Burleson, Texas
Senior, physical education with strength and conditioning

Jorge Guzman grew up in Menifee, a small town in Southern California, before joining the Navy. Following his military service, he became a Horned Frog and graduates this month with a Bachelor of Science in physical education with strength and conditioning.

We asked him to share about his time in the military and at TCU.


Please tell us about your military service.
JG: I served in the Navy as an engineman for four years. I was stationed in San Diego on an amphibious ship named the USS Harpers Ferry. I did two nine-month deployments stopping in the Middle East, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other places. During those four years, my workspace encompassed working with the ship’s generator and engine. Nothing beats the close-knit relationships that one makes in the military.

Why did you choose to attend TCU?
JG: Honestly, TCU seemed like a prestigious out of reach school, and I did not get in on my first try, but I felt that it would provide me the best education for my chosen field as well as the opportunity to make connections that I would otherwise maybe never be able to make. I felt it would be a dream, and I didn’t give up on that dream. It was the only school in the area that had not just my major but the added focus of strength and conditioning. I just really felt the knowledge, experience and opportunities that I would get at TCU were superior to the other universities near me.

Why did you choose to pursue a BS in PE with strength and conditioning?
JG: I chose this major because sports and teachers have always played a big role in my life. I think one of the reasons I was able to become the person I am today, despite growing up with difficult circumstances, was due to influences of past teachers who believed in me and pushed me to achieve more and be more. Additionally, I love how strength and conditioning can be employed to enhance athletic performance in younger individuals.

Any lessons learned in the military that helped you succeed in college?
JG: In the military I learned how to lead a team as well as be part of a team. This helped me be more open to different opinions in the classroom setting as well as understand that my opinions have value and should be communicated to be a team contributor. The military also taught me hard work, routine and how to operate in a time sensitive environment where deadlines aren’t optional. I was able to apply that knowledge to school, and it helped me understand that procrastination is not an option. Lastly, the military taught me to seek help from others when I needed it, which helped me do the same in college.

What have you enjoyed most about being a Horned Frog?
The thing I have enjoyed most is the overwhelming show of pride shown by students and alumni. It definitely made me feel like I was a part of something big and something special.

What was your proudest accomplishment at TCU?
JG: My proudest accomplishment is getting accepted to TCU after working so hard to get in, followed by being the first in my family to earn a four-year degree and graduate from university.