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The TCU School of Nurse Anesthesia offers a three-year doctoral program that begins each January with 20 months of coursework. In the first eight months there are online courses in decision science, informatics, complexity theory, and research. In August, you’ll report to the TCU campus for one year of courses in pharmacology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, translational research, and experiences in the Human Patient Simulation Lab. The course work is followed by a 16-month hospital-based clinical residency under the guidance of clinical instructors who are expert nurse and physician anesthetists.

The post-masters certificate program in advanced pain management for nurse anesthetists includes an online classroom component and a clinical component, in which students gain hands-on clinical experience at one or more clinical sites. You’ll gain a holistic understanding of pain management. In some cases, a return to normal and healthy regulation is not possible, and the goal will be to provide comfort, hope and meaning to the patient.


Areas of Study