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Admission – Advanced Pain Management Fellowship

We are glad you are considering the Texas Christian University School of Nurse Anesthesia/ AANA Advanced Pain Management Fellowship program. Below are application instructions and admission criteria.

Apply Now

Submit the application and all required documents through the NursingCAS portal,

Note:  Only complete applications will be reviewed.  All applications and required materials including letters of recommendation and application must be received by May 20th for the class beginning in August.  Candidates will be notified of admission status by May 31st. A $1000 deposit is due upon program acceptance. The deposit will be applied to program expenses.

Certification Disclosure for Students and Prospective Students in the Advanced Pain Management Program

    1. Nurse anesthetists must be certified as a CRNA by the NBCRNA and meet requirements for licensure, e.g. APRN recognition, set by boards of nursing within their state of practice. There is no APRN license specific to the practice of pain management. The Advanced Pain Management Fellowship Program is not an educational prerequisite for an advanced practice nursing license.
    2. Graduates from the Advanced Pain Management Fellowship Program who meet all of the NBCRNA eligibility criteria may take the nonsurgical pain management sub-specialty certification exam. Passing the NSPM exam is required to obtain a time-limited sub-specialty certification in non-surgical pain management (NSPM-C) for CRNAs.
    3. CRNA pain management practice varies state-by-state across the US.  Before beginning the program, CRNAs interested in practicing pain management are encouraged to consult the Director of the Fellowship and the appropriate licensing agency to be informed of state law in the state where they intend to practice. CRNA’s are encouraged to request information and additional guidance to determine whether, upon completion of the program, they will be eligible for their desired scope of practice.

Resources include:  state nurse anesthesia associations, AANA Practice Management, and state boards of nursing.

Criteria for admission

  • Masters or doctoral degree from an accredited nurse anesthesia program.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ practice as a CRNA prior to start of fellowship.
  • Unencumbered licensure as a registered nurse
  • Certification or recertification as a nurse anesthetist by the NBCRNA
  • AANA membership
  • If English is a secondary language, a minimum score of 94 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) within the last 2 years
  • Completion of the basic assessed non-surgical pain management cadaver course is required for matriculation into the Fellowship.

Candidates who satisfactorily meet these criteria will be invited for an interview. Applications will open October 1st in the NursingCAS portal. The application deadline is May 20th for the class beginning the following August.  Candidates will be notified of admission status by May 31stFor more information regarding the Graduate Programs, please visit the General Graduate Studies website.

Checklist for Applicants

Deadline for fall fellowship:  May 20th

  1. Follow directions in NursingCAS to submit OFFICIAL transcripts from all universities and colleges attended, both graduate and undergraduate.
  2. The following items are required for application to the advanced pain management fellowship.  Gather all documents and have available on your computer for uploading into the NursingCAS application software.  Accepted file types are .pdf, .doc, or .docx.
    1. CV/Resume
    2. A personal statement
      • Provide a personal statement / essay (500 – 700 words) addressing
      • specific personal, academic, and/or professional strengths or accomplishments and how these qualify you as a strong candidate for the TCU Advanced Pain Management Fellowship,
      • your interest in pain management, and
      • how will the fellowship help you achieve your goals.
    3. RN license
    4. APRN license
    5. Current NBCRNA certification
    6. Current ACLS certification
    7. Current BLS certification
    8. Current PALS certification (OPTIONAL)
    9. Certificate of completion of an assessed non-surgical pain management cadaver course taken within last 3 calendar years (OPTIONAL)
    10. Health Insurance Card
    11. AANA membership card
    12. OPTIONAL, preferred: covid vaccination records
      1. Current influenza vaccination
      2. Tdap vaccination within last 10 years
      3. Tuberculosis testing within last year
        • Negative 2-step (preferred),
        • Negative QuantiFERON-TB Gold blood test (preferred), or
        • Negative 1-step test (accepted)
      4. Laboratory report for quantitative antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen (anti-HBs) greater than or equal to 10 mIU/mL.
        • Qualitative positive anti-HBs laboratory reports are not accepted.
      5. Laboratory reports for measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella with a quantitative numerical titer that confers immunity or qualitative positive result.

TCU Fellows are required to carry an occurrence malpractice policy with 1 Million/3 Million limits during their clinical semesters (Spring and Summer).  This policy must be in effect for any state(s) of clinical assignment and is at the expense of the Fellow.  For further questions, contact Dr. Jackie Rowles.


Semester I (fall) Semester II (spring) Semester III (summer) Total
Credit hours 7 credit hours 8 credit hours 4 credit hours
Tuition $13,090 $14,960 $7480 $35,530
Clinical fee $4500 $4500 $9,000
Program cost $44,530
Additional expenses Fellows are responsible for additional expenses including books, malpractice insurance, hotel accommodations, travel, NSPM-C exam, and prerequisite basic and intermediate NSPM workshops.