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Student Experience

Nurse Anesthesia students in the anatomy lab


In the DNAP program, you’ll progress through three different learning experiences, starting with an online curriculum that allows you to continue working in your current position. You’ll then come to TCU for one year of classroom learning and, finally, travel to clinical sites for hands-on learning. Students in the Advanced Pain Management program take part in online courses and clinical practice.

TCU’s School of Nurse Anesthesia offers incredible learning experiences in a simulation lab and a cadaver lab, where students learn from world-class faculty and have an opportunity to refine their skills in a realistic environment. Our residents enrolled in advanced anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology courses will visit the Center for Anatomical Sciences at the University of North Texas Health Science Center to further explore relevant anatomy from the classroom using prosected cadavers.   Under the guidance of expert anatomist Doctor Cara Fisher, residents have the opportunity to explore both whole-body prosections and prepared specimens with an emphasis on clinical application.

Students explore the musculoskeletal, central and peripheral nervous, renal, pulmonary, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal systems as they relate to anesthesia.  Working with prosected cadavers offers our students an experience superior to virtual anatomy.  Cadavers offer tactile information, anomalies, and pathology our residents will encounter as clinicians.