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Please cite DNAP projects using the following format:

Wainscott MB. Lighting the Way: A Systematic Review of Cervical Spine Motion with emphasis on the Lightwand Intubation Technique. [DNP Project]. Fort Worth, TX. Texas Christian Univ., 2011. Accessed August 16, 2011. Available at:









  • Everett J.- Portfolio Project DNP Capstone
  • Kacir M. PortfolioProject DNP Capstone
  • Martin J. Portfolio Project DNP Capstone
  • Martin J, Welliver M. Anesthesia workstation preparation for a malignant hyperthermia susceptible patient. The International Student Journal of Nurse Anesthesia. 12(3):73-76.
  • Soukup H Periop DNR Guideline
  • Lopez O. Gollaher T, Riddle D. Cerebral Oxygen Desaturation Monitored by Intraoperative Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, And Incidence of Post-operative Cognitive Dysfunction: A Systematic Review. Joanna Briggs Institute. 2013;11(8).Awarded the TCU JBI Center Outstanding Student-Led Systematic Review Award for 2013 – 2014





  • Baker A Factors Affecting the Incidence of Sore Throat Following General Anesthesia with Endotracheal Tube Versus Laryngeal Mask Airway
  • Barkley A Etomidate & Adrenal Dysfunction
  • Lewis M.The Doctor of Nursing Practice A Sentiment Analysis and Credential Correlation International Journal of Advanced Nursing Studies
  • Miller C Pharmacological Treatment of Post-Anesthetic Shivering
  • Pfister M Use of Music to Minimize Preoperative Patient Anxiety 2011
  • Russell, Sean Competency in Anesthesia Training for the Performance of Epidural Insertions
  • Shock L Use of Ondansetron for Pruritus Associated with Neuraxial Opioids
  • Wainscott M Lighting the Way. A Systematic Review of Cervical Spine Motion Journal of Anesthesia & Clinical Research
  • Walker R Vigileo™FloTrac™ Stroke Volume Variation and Hemodynamic Trends are Reliable for Acute Care Management of Perioperative Patients Internet Journal of Anesthesiology



Welliver M Sugammadex Sodium.A Synthesis of the Evidence Regarding Neuromuscular Blockade Reversal