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Suzy Lockwood

Dr. Suzy Lockwood
Associate Dean for Nursing


Marinda Allender

Marinda Allender
Division Director of Undergraduate Nursing


Kathy Ellis

Dr. Kathy Ellis
Division Director of Graduate Nursing


Kathy Baker

Dr. Kathy Baker
Director, Nursing Scholarship & Research


Lynette Howington

Dr. Lynette Howington
Director of Administrative & Clinical Affairs


Kenneth Lawrance

Dr. Kenneth Lowrance
Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice & Clinical Nurse Specialists Programs


Kimberly Posey

Dr. Kimberly Posey
Director, Nurse Practitioner Programs


Laura Thielke

Laura Thielke
Director of Health Professions Learning Center


Donna Ernst

Dr. Donna Ernst
Coordinator, Clinical Nurse Leader Program