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Master of Science in Nursing

Master of science in nursing alumna

We offer a MSN in nursing education. There are two role focus options for nursing education majors: adult-gerontology or pediatric tracks. 

Our online programs are flexible enough to accommodate working professional nurses who do not want to put their career on hold or uproot their lives to relocate. Clinical practicum and teaching practicum courses are supervised by nursing faculty and qualified preceptors. Generally, students complete their practicum/residency courses in their geographic area. If adequate resources are not available, concentrated practicum experiences are available in the Fort Worth area.

MSN Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the master’s nursing program, the graduate will:

  1. Demonstrate values and behaviors that support the vision, mission, and core values of TCU and TCU Nursing.
  2. Initiate innovative nursing practices across healthcare systems in a global society.
  3. Employ leadership and management principles to promote optimal outcomes.
  4. Analyze technologies to support safe practice environments and to optimize patient safety, cost-effectiveness, and health outcomes.
  5. Analyze how policies influence the structure and financing of healthcare, practice, and health outcomes.
  6. Employ ethical principles to decision-making in healthcare practices and systems.
  7. Utilize credible scientific evidence to evaluate approaches in nursing practice and healthcare delivery.

Pathways to an MSN Degree

Nurse Educator

Why Choose TCU for your MSN Degree?

TCU offers much more than a degree; it provides you the opportunity to:

  • Learn from outstanding educators, researchers, and practitioners committed to your success
  • Access coursework online through an interactive learning platform
  • Hone your skills through interaction with students, faculty, and community partners
  • Join a distinguished network of TCU alumni