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Change of Major

Students who do not enter TCU as a freshman nursing major will need to be aware of the following requirements:

  1. Students must have an established TCU GPA of at least a 2.5 and complete a minimum of one semester of coursework at TCU.
  2. Change of major requests must be completed by:
    • April 1 (current TCU freshman with 2 semesters or less).  Please complete the form at the bottom of the page to make change of major request.
    • February 1 or October 1  (current TCU students with 3 semesters or more).  Please email to make change of major request.
    • February 1 for transfer students (attended one semester or more at another institution before TCU).  Please email Stacy Dissinger at for more information about the application process.
  3. Students who enter the nursing major after the first semester of their freshman year will be on a four and a half year plan. In this scenario a student would be able to complete all TCU core classes prior to beginning nursing clinicals.

A student who wishes to change to the nursing major must attend a change of major workshop and submit the form below.  By submitting this form you are asking the nursing program to review your change of major request.  Submitting this form does not guarantee placement in the nursing major.  Notification will be provided by May 15th.

The following prerequisite courses must be taken and a grade of a C or higher must be achieved.

  • PSYC 10213 – General Psychology
  • SOCI 20213 – Introductory Sociology
  • NTDT 20403 – Nutrition
  • MATH 10043 – Elementary Statistics
  • BIOL 20234 – Basic Microbiology
  • NURS 10303 – Human Development
  • BIOL 20204- Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BIOL 20214- Anatomy & Physiology II

*Please note that Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL 20204 and BIOL 20214) will not be available to non-declared nursing majors


Change of Major