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Nurse Faculty Loan Program

The Nurse Faculty Loan Program is available to assist eligible nursing students with tuition. For detailed information about the program, please contact

The Nurse Faculty Loan Program is an 85 percent forgiveness loan funded by the federal government (HRSA). Money from this program can be used to cover tuition, fees and books. To participate, candidates must agree to teach full time (fall and spring semesters) following graduation at an accredited nursing program in the U.S. for four years. The forgiveness is incremental — 20 percent is forgiven each year for the first three years, then the final 25 percent is forgiven after the fourth year.

Loan recipients are also required to complete four additional master’s level courses in nursing education while in the DNP program. These courses will add one year to the program completion date.

Many students who have taken this money have successfully negotiated up front to have the school of nursing where they are going to be working pay the 15 percent of the money not funded by the loan in exchange for a guaranteed four years of work.

Please note: This is federal money and the loan availability is not guaranteed. It can “go away” at any time and recipients would be required to pay back any monies already received.


Due to higher education regulations and the complexity of rules and regulations of some states, Texas Christian University (TCU) is currently unable to accept new applications for admissions to our distance education programs and courses from students residing in Massachusetts. TCU is also unable to allow for-credit field experiences, including internships, clinical, and practicums to take place in this state. We regret this restriction as it is our goal to offer a quality education to students everywhere.

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