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About Research

Mission Statement

The mission of HCNHS Research is to support and advance research knowledge by developing and disseminating scholarly research interests through grants, manuscripts, presentations, and creative endeavors.



Increase externally-funded faculty research

  • Associate dean to offer workshops for all faculty on grant writing and project fit
  • Associate dean to develop incentives for faculty to secure foundation or government grants, such as NSF or NIH, for research and program development
  • Contract with grant writer on “as needed” basis
  • Contract with research consultants on selected projects

Increase resources available for grant writing and submissions

Collaborate with Harris College academic units to develop new graduate programs

Increase number of students involved in the Student Research Symposium

Increase number of publications and presentations by 5%

  • Associate dean to increase mentoring focus with TT faculty: add at least four mentoring sessions for all incoming faculty and faculty within first five years, such as “how to manage the tenure & promotion process”, “how to work with students on the undergraduate and graduate projects,” what are the IRB and DRB processes for research at TCU,” “research support” and “collaboration efforts with other faculty on campus – bring in new faculty from across campus”
  • Chairs and Directors to review workload policies and recommend policies to support research productivity
  • Faculty to review quality of research productivity criteria and make recommendations for policy revisions if needed

Increase the number of students involved with research and creative activities

  • Associate dean will enhance the research culture for students by creating a HCNHS undergraduate student of the year award and a HCNHS graduate student of the year award and develop the criteria for the awards with a stipend attached for travel to present at a conference in their field
  • Dean to highlight honors students’ projects at the Harris Academic Banquet

Dean to find ways to document student-faculty engagement in collaborative research and/or scholarship projects



Dr. Debbie Rhea
Harris College: Associate Dean of Research & Health Sciences