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Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Wi-Fi hot spots are available to faculty and students who need off-campus internet access for travel, field research, or student projects.

If you want to reserve a hot spot, please contact Irma Preciado at with the dates your are needing the device and your availability to pick the device up from his office.

When using the hot spots, please keep in mind:

  1. They need to be kept turned off while on campus to avoid interfering with TCU’s wireless network.
  2. They can only be used in the U.S.
  3. They only work on Sprint’s network which is limited.

Faculty Manuscript/External Grant Review Funding

Up to $500 in funding is available to faculty who would like to fund an honorarium for an external, expert reviewer to provide feedback on a first- or senior-author manuscript or grant application where the faculty member is a PI. The intent of this funding is to help faculty gain timely feedback from expert reviewers prior to manuscript/grant submission, making that research product more likely to be accepted. To take advantage of this funding, the faculty member should have a manuscript draft or grant application draft that is near-final and ready to be reviewed.

To request this funding, faculty should complete the attached application, which will require faculty to identify the product outlet (journal or grant-funding mechanism), a short explanation of how review will help move the product forward, and a suggested expert reviewer with the qualifications of said reviewer explained. The reviewer does not have to have already agreed to serve as a reviewer; the Associate Dean of Research will assist the faculty member in reaching out to the reviewer to establish a contract for review. If faculty need assistance locating appropriate reviewers, they should contact the Associate Dean for Research

Applications for this funding should be submitted via Irma Preciado at Funding will be made available on a rolling basis. Applications for this funding should be made with sufficient lead time prior to submission of a research product: expect up to a month between application for this award and completion of an external review.

Review Fund Application

Statistician Consultation Form


Dr. Yan Zhang

You must complete the consultation form and submit online prior to meeting with appropriate statistician.