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Student Research

In HCNHS, student and faculty projects often involve human subjects. If your project involves human subjects, you should complete the following steps. Ultimately, your faculty supervisor is responsible for ensuring that your project has been appropriately identified as requiring review for human subjects protections or not, and that the science that motivates your project is sound.

Before following this general procedure, check with your unit and make sure that there are not additional requirements for you to follow for your student project.

Steps for student research:

1.Determine whether your project involves human subject participants or not.

a. The following are tools that might help you make that decision:

NIH quiz
Decision tree
Nursing Decision Checklist
COSD, KINE, and SOWO Decision Checklist

If your project does not need human subjects protections (for example, if it is a scoping review or a meta-analysis), you can begin work on your project with your mentor.

2.  If your project does involve human subjects, determine whether you and your mentor need biomedical or social/ behavioral basic CITI Training. Complete the appropriate training under “Basic Courses.”

3.  Visit the TCU IRB website to download the necessary documents for a project submission: Note that a TCU faculty member MUST be identified as the principal investigator. These forms are updated periodically, so if you download a form you intend to submit in many months’ time, ensure that the form you are submitting is still the correct one.

4.  The faculty mentor should submit the protocol to

The Harris College Student Research Symposium is designed to allow undergraduate and graduate students in Harris College the opportunity to share ideas about research, practice their research presentation skills, and interact with students and faculty colleagues on important professional topics.

Important upcoming dates to know:

March 4, 2022: Intent to participate due

April 21, 2022: Student Research Symposium


Information about poster construction and to sign up for a poster printing time coming March of 2022.

HCNHS Student Conference Grants (Travel/Online)

The HCNHS Student Travel Grant Program has been established to support travel for undergraduate and graduate students related to research. Funds may also be used to attend online conferences virtually. HCHS students may apply for these competitive funds to present the results of their TCU research related to their field of study, attend a conference with their mentor, or to learn about a specific branch of research in their field of study. The maximum award available is $500. Limited funds are available and will be awarded only at set times throughout the year. Grant awards will be determined, up to the fund limits, by the Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Lund.

Completed application forms must be submitted, by the due dates, to Irma Preciado, 2101 Bass Building or All travel awards will be announced two weeks following the submission date.

Note for graduate students: To apply for the travel grant in HCNHS, you must also apply for Graduate Studies travel grant funding (or have applied within the last year). The HCNHS Travel Grant is available to cover expenses that are not covered by the Graduate Studies travel grant.

There will be two deadlines for travel grant submission:

> For travel occurring between September 1, 2021 and January 31, 2022, applications must be submitted on or before September 15, 2021. If your conference presentation is not yet confirmed, include your conference submission paperwork in your application (rather than proof of acceptance).

> For travel occurring between February 1, 2022 and August 31, 2022, applications must be submitted on or before January 15, 2022.

Student Travel/Conference Grant Application (2021-22)
Student Online Conference Grant Application Example (2020-2021)

Additional Travel Forms (not used for 2020-2021)

Student Travel Grant Budget Form
Reimbursement Form
Travel Grant budget worksheet
Texas-State Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Form

HCNHS Student Research Grant

The HCNHS Student Research and Creative Scholarship Grant Program has been established to support HCNHS undergraduate and graduate student projects/research. Only HCNHS students may apply for these competitive funds to support their projects/ research/ It is expected that grants will be awarded to a student and faculty mentor pair, to fund student activities. TCU undergraduate and graduate students from any major within HCNHS will be eligible. The maximum award is $500. Limited funds are available and are awarded at two different times throughout the year to accommodate student projects. The award will be made directly to the student and may be used to pay for supplies or other expenses directly related to the project. Grant awards will be determined, up to the fund limits, by the Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Lund, and the research committee.

> Completed application forms must be submitted by the dates indicated below for the 2021-2022 academic year to Irma Preciado, Research Center Projects Manager, 2101 Bass building or All support awards will be announced two weeks from the submission due date.

Due date: October 1, 2021 for support available for projects from October 15, 2021 – May 16, 2022 (assuming all reports are filed by expected times).

Due date: January 14, 2022 for support available for projects from January 28, 2022 – May 16, 2022 (assuming all reports are filed by expected times.

  • All applications must contain the endorsement of the student’s faculty mentor and unit head (chair/director).
  • Submission of an application is not a guarantee that the application will be awarded.
  • Awardees MUST submit a progress report to the Associate Dean for Research quarterly (dates included in award letter), explaining which funds have been spent, what progress has been made, and if there are any changes to the study timeline. If these reports are not submitted in a timely fashion, further purchases on the grant will not be allowed and future HCNHS Research Grants will not be approved.
    • Note that funding is ONLY guaranteed for the items listed in the student grant application, and for the time period specified. Purchases made outside of the approved timeline or that were not specified in the grant may not be funded.

If a student receives an award for research support, then in turn they will be expected to present at the student research symposium in the spring.

Student Research Funding Application

Student Research Funding Application Example

Reimbursement Form

Research-Related Student Travel

TCU Graduate Studies offers travel grants for graduate students up to $400. Click here for more information and application.

HCNHS Boller Presentations

Congratulations to the 2021 HCNHS Boller Competition award winners!

1st Place: Sara Harris from Kinesiology

Presentation: The Influence of Unilateral Lower Limb Crossover Muscular Fatigue on Postural Control and Balance

Mentor: Adam King

Runner Up: Lauren Spear from COSD

Presentation: The Effectiveness of Ultrasound Biofeedback in the Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders within a School Environment

Mentor: Ahmed Rivera Campos

2022 HCNHS Competition: April 13, 12:00 – 5:00pm

Participation to be confirmed by March 15.

Upcoming Events

October 20, 2021

  • Three-Minute Thesis Training 12:30 – 2:00pm, Bass 1004

February 1, 2022

  • Three-Minute Thesis Application due by 5:00 pm

February 24, 2022

  • Three-Minute Thesis Competition 2:00-5:00 pm

April 21, 2022

  • HCNHS Student Research Symposium

Graduate Documents

Thesis and Dissertation Manual


P.h.D. Handbook
Dissertation Guidelines
Dissertation Proposal Guidelines
Full time PhD Student Curriculum Plan Form
Part-Time PhD Student Curriculum Plan Form
Written-Oral Comprehensive Exam Grade Form
Oral Exam Approval Form
Research Topic Approval Form
Dissertation Proposal Approval Form
Dissertation Final Defense Approval Form


Thesis Approval Form