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TCU Social Work faculty are teachers and scholars, engaged in research and other scholarly activities that promote a better understanding of serious social problems facing our communities. We also evaluate community-based interventions and programs designed to address these social problems, promoting practice effectiveness and accountability. Faculty areas of research include human trafficking, positive youth development, gender-based inequality, interpersonal violence, reproductive rights, homelessness, intellectual disability and more. Through our publications, presentations, and evidence-based advocacy, TCU Social Work strives to enhance the well-being and functioning of all people but especially the marginalized and oppressed.

If you are interested in learning more about and engaging in social work research, this is the right place for you. TCU Social Work faculty engage students in their research as research assistants and through class-based projects. We embrace the concept of the social work practitioner-researcher so we equip students will the knowledge and skills they need to effectively use research for the benefit of those they serve as professional social workers.

The Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences promotes faculty and student research through an annual research symposium, a 3-Minute Thesis competition, and a variety of other resources that help our research stay cutting edge. We are an interdisciplinary college which allows TCU Social Work to engage with other faculty and students also committed to the promotion of global health and well-being. Click below if you want to learn more about research in the Harris College.

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