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Caleb Voskuil
Health Sciences Ph.D. candidate Caleb Voskuil '24 wins National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Challenge Scholarship.

Ph.D. in Health Sciences candidate Caleb Voskuil ’24 has been awarded the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Challenge Scholarship.

“Congratulations to Caleb for achieving this well-deserved honor,” said Dr. Don Melrose, president of the NSCA Foundation Board, in a press release announcing the winners. “Caleb is an outstanding student with a remarkably bright future. We take pride in supporting his educational journey as he aspires to become a future leader in the strength and conditioning industry.”

Its scholarship committee and panel members take into consideration overall academic achievement, NSCA and community involvement and honors and awards, among other criteria.

Voskuil’s portfolio includes multiple lead author manuscripts and leadership in collaborative efforts involving researchers across various international universities. He has successfully managed longitudinal projects focused on chronic exercise training in individuals with Parkinson’s disease and the TCU Football team, showcasing his dedication to advancing knowledge in the realm of strength and conditioning across various populations.

“This award serves as a testament to his graduate work being recognized on a national level,” said Joshua Carr, Ph.D., assistant professor in the department of kinesiology and Voskuil’s mentor.

His passion for this field is evident in his teaching, research and community service.

His goal is to become a college professor. Voskuil teaches the “Exercise Assessment and Prescription” and “Anatomical Kinesiology” courses at TCU, where he encourages students to formulate inclusive research questions that address underrepresented populations.

Students in his classes frequently assist in data collection for his studies, gaining hands-on experience with musculoskeletal imaging techniques and exercise testing procedures. These experiences eventually led to student placements in physical therapy clinics, strength and conditioning internships and other research labs.

Voskuil and his research were recently featured in TCU Magazine’s sesquicentennial issue as part of a vignette of TCU students who are hard at work to ensure that what they are studying will improve lives and society for decades to come.

“This scholarship will significantly benefit my research, student development and my ongoing efforts to contribute meaningfully to the field of strength and conditioning,” said Voskuil.

The NSCA Foundation awards hundreds of thousands in scholarship funding each year to outstanding individuals within the strength and conditioning community.