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The health and fitness option provides the educational foundation required for pursuit of fitness-related careers. Gain an understanding of the exercise prescription and assessment of general and athletic populations. In addition, you’ll learn the planning, organization, and administration of fitness and athletic conditioning programs and facilities. The health and fitness major is designed to prepare you for employment in the highly competitive and rapidly growing fitness industry. Develop your skills in the classroom, the lab, and a variety of clinical settings.

The health and fitness major allows you to follow your interests, learn to improve the health and fitness of our society as a whole, or focus on reaching optimal performance in an athletic population via strength and conditioning. Learn the science of fitness with courses in kinesiology, biology, psychology, and health, and gain clinical experience through internships in fitness, personal training, corporate wellness, cardiac rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning.

The undergraduate Health & Fitness curriculum at Texas Christian University is recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as an educational program that has met and continues to meet the educational guidelines it sets for programs in areas related to Strength and Conditioning. All undergraduate Kinesiology students at TCU, by virtue of this recognition, are afforded benefits not offered to students who are enrolled at a university whose program has not achieved this recognition. These benefits include:

  • The student receiving a $50 discount on the registration costs to take the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and/or the Certified Personal Trainer examination through the NSCA (NSCA-CPT)
  • Those wishing to take CSCS Exam Prep courses are eligible for a $25 discount off full registration
  • Opportunities for Career Growth and Advancement

The National Strength and Conditioning Association ( is one of the largest professional organizations devoted to areas related to Exercise Science, Sport Science and Human Performance. The NSCA offers a wide variety of programs and certifications that help students develop professionally. Student membership for the NSCA costs $70/year and provides access to all of their publications including the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and Strength and Conditioning Journal in addition to receiving cost reductions for attending conferences and taking certification exams. Simply registering for an exam or attending one conference can oftentimes cover the costs of a one-year membership.

In addition, the NSCA offers a series of scholarships and grants to undergraduate and graduate students. TCU Kinesiology students are eligible to apply for and receive grants and scholarship that help offset costs of school, attending a conference or conducting their own research and scholarly development. More information about NSCA scholarships and grants can be found at For more information on these grants and scholarships, students are encouraged to contact Dr. Joshua Carr at

See the course catalog for course requirements and information.