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Applied Metabolic & Physiology Lab

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Advancing the health of our community through lifestyle behavior change.

The Applied Metabolic & Physiology Lab aims to study the impact of community-based behavior change programs on chronic disease risk factors. It focuses on behaviors like physical activity and diet, as well as collaborates with experts in areas like sleep and stress management. 

The lab measures various outcomes, such as lipid levels, fitness, body composition and more. It serves as a teaching facility for both undergraduate and graduate students, offering research opportunities at all levels. Students are encouraged to engage in ongoing research to gain valuable research experience.



TCU Rickel Academic Wing
Room 259

Lab Members

Ryan Porter, Applied Metabolic & Physiology labPorter holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Brigham Young University and a master’s in health and human movement from Utah State University. He Porter completed his doctorate in exercise science and completed post-doctoral training at the University of South Carolina. His research interests are in the areas of adaptation of lipoprotein subfractions in response to exercise and lifestyle behavior change (physical activity and healthy eating) and their effects on community health in terms of biological markers, physiological outcomes and behavior change.

Malia Shipsey, Applied Metabolic & Physiology Lab