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Graduate Programs

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Athletic Training

Our athletic training program offers a student-focused learning journey designed to equip graduates with the skills and confidence to excel as health care providers and continually evolve as lifelong learners. This is achieved through a blend of high-quality didactic instruction, hands-on clinical training and collaborative interprofessional educational opportunities.

Master of Science in Kinesiology

In our kinesiology graduate program, students deeply explore the theory behind human movement through classroom learning and hands-on research guided by a faculty mentor. By the end of the program, students are adept at problem-solving in practical and research contexts and can incorporate movement principles into various settings such as laboratories, education, clinics and athletics.

Ph.D. in Health Sciences

In many health science areas, a significant shortage of professors and clinical scientific leaders exists to replace and fill much-needed positions right now and in the future. To meet the shortfall of faculty and clinical research scientists, this Ph.D. degree focuses on specific areas of health sciences, including kinesiology, social work, nursing, nurse anesthesia and communication sciences and disorders. The program prepares individuals for careers in research, academia and industry.