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Physical Education

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As a physical education major, students cultivate a unique skill set that enables them to inspire individuals of all ages — children, adolescents and adults — to embrace a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Students not only acquire a profound understanding of the methodology behind effective teaching (the “what,” “how” and “why”), but also master motivational techniques crucial for success, whether in a gym, on the field, in a weight room or within a classroom, catering to K-12, college or professional learners.

Upon completing the program, our physical education graduates attain state certification, qualifying them to impart K-12 physical education within school settings. Furthermore, some may choose to augment their expertise by earning an outdoor education certificate. For those with a thirst for further knowledge, graduate school opportunities abound in related fields such as kinesiology, education, counseling or educational administration, enabling them to advance their careers and make an even more profound impact in the realm of education.

To earn a teaching certification, students must comply with the requirements described in the College of Education section of the course catalog. Specific requirements involve criteria for admission and retention to the teacher education program and admission to student teaching.