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Nada Elias-Lambert

Nada Elias-Lambert

Department Chair; Associate Professor; Affiliate Faculty, Women & Gender Studies; Affiliate Faculty, Comparative Race & Ethnic Studies

  • Robinson, S., Elias-Lambert, N., Casiano, A., & Ward, L. (In Press). “Culture-bearer, culture-sharer, culture-changer”: The role of faculty in preventing sexual violence on campus. Advances in Social Work.
  • Robinson, S. R., Casiano, A., & Elias-Lambert, N. (2020). “Is it My Responsibility?”: A Qualitative Review of University Students’ Perspectives on Bystander Behavior.Trauma, Violence, & Abuse. Advance online publication, 1-5, doi: 10.1177/1524838020933829
  • Baldwin-White, A. & Elias-Lambert, N. (2017). Influence of Victim and Perpetrators’ Alcohol Use on Social Work Student’s Levels of Rape Myth Acceptance. Advances in Social Work, 17(2), 235-253, doi: 10.18060/20882
  • Elias-Lambert, N. (2017). Implementation and Evaluation of a Bystander Sexual Violence Prevention Program with University Men.Sage Research Methods Cases, doi:
  • Baldwin-White, A. & Elias-Lambert, N. (2016). Rape Myth Acceptance Among Social Work Students. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/10926771.2016.1190950

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Lynn Jackson

D. Lynn Jackson

Professor of Professional Practice, Director of Field Education, Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives, WGST Affiliate Faculty Member Social Work

  • Ely, G.E., Hales, T., Jackson, D. L., Maguin, E., & Hamilton, G. (2017). The undue burden of paying for abortion: An exploration of abortion fund cases. Health care and Social Work, 56, 1-16.
  • Steen, J., Smith, K., & Jackson, D.L.(2010). The development and evaluation of the perceptions of competence and responsiveness scale. Research on Social Work Practice, 36(2), 118-227.
  • Jackson, D. L. (2007). State policy restrictions on abortion: Implications for social workers. The Journal of Policy Practice, 6(4), 25-43.
  • Ligon, J, Jackson, D. L., & Thyer, B.A. (2007). Academic affiliations of Social Work journal article authors from 1999-2003: A productivity analysis spanning 25 years of Social Work scholarship. Journal of Social Service Research, 33(3), 13-20.

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Katie Lauve-Moon

Katie Lauve-Moon

Associate Professor; Affiliate Faculty, Women & Gender Studies

  • Lauve-Moon, K., & Ferreira, R. J. (2017). An exploratory investigation: Post-disaster predictors of intimate partner violence. Clinical social work journal, 45(2), 124-135.
  • Gotham, K., Lauve-Moon, K., & Powers, B. (2017). Risk and Recovery: Understanding Flood Risk Perceptions in a Postdisaster City—The Case of New Orleans. Sociological Spectrum, 37(6), 335-352.
  • Gotham, K. F., Campanella, R., Lauve‐Moon, K., & Powers, B. (2017). Hazard Experience, Geophysical Vulnerability, and Flood Risk Perceptions in a Postdisaster City, the Case of New Orleans. Risk Analysis.
  • Cannon, C., Lauve-Moon, K., Buttell, F. 2015. “Re-Theorizing Intimate Partner Violence through Post-Structural Feminism, Queer Theory, and the Sociology of Gender.” Social Sciences, 4, 668-687.

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Mary Twis

Mary K. Twis

MSW Program Director & Assistant Professor

  • Hoefer, R., & Twis, M.K. Engagement techniques by human services nonprofits: A research note examining website best practices. Nonprofit Management & Leadership, Published online before print June 25, 2018: doi: 10.1002/nml.21329
  • Twis, M.K., Shelton, B. (2018). Systematic review of empiricism and theory in domestic minor sex trafficking research. Journal of Evidence Informed Social Work, Published online before print May 15, 2018. doi:
  • Nordberg, A., Twis, M.K., Stevens, M.A., & Hatcher, S.S. (2018). Precarity and structural racism in Black youth encounters with police. Child and Adolescent Social Work, Published online before print April 30, 2018. doi: 10.1007/s10560-018-0540-x
  • McCoy, M.K. (2017). Measurements of vulnerability to domestic minor sex trafficking: A systematic review. Journal of Human Trafficking, Published online before print October 26, 2017. doi: 10.1080/23322705.2017.1385334
  • Twis, M.K., Nguyen, A.P., & Nordberg, A. (2017). Intimate partner violence myths in police reports: A directed content analysis. Violence and Victims, 33(2), 351-367. doi: 10.1891/0886-6708.VV-D-17-00015

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