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Why TCU?

Whether you already have an undergraduate degree, or are looking to join the social work profession, our accredited Master of Social Work (MSW) program can take your career to the next level.

We prepare advanced-generalist practitioners to practice independently in a variety of settings with diverse client populations. Students may select from one of two specializations: health and mental health, and children and families.

No GRE Required

Flexibility with select courses online
Automatic tuition reduction
Internship stipends
Personalized field education

Our Program Options

This 30-hour program option is for those who have already earned a Bachelor of Social Work from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)-accredited program. Students enrolled full-time can complete this program in nine months.

Admission Requirements

This 60-hour program is for those who have earned a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than social work. Students enrolled full-time can complete this program in two academic years.

Admission Requirements

This program options allows students to enroll in up to four courses in an asynchronous online format during their concentration year, providing additional flexibility with course scheduling. 

Looking to transfer to TCU? We accept up to 10 credit hours from other CSWE-accredited graduate programs. See our course catalog for additional information.

In collaboration with Brite Divinity School, we offer dual degrees pairing a Master of Social Work degree with a Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry (MATM), Master of Theological Studies (MTS) or Master of Divinity (M.Div.). 

Supplement your master’s or doctoral degree with our certification options

Women & Gender Studies (WGST) 
Explore today’s issues related to women and gender from a variety of interdisciplinary approaches by addressing the intersections of gender with race, ethnicity, class and sexuality in the modern world. 

Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) 
Critically examine race and ethnicity in this academic and community-oriented program values respect, inclusiveness, creative expression, dialogue, engagement, inquiry and academic excellence.

Our Ph.D. in Health Sciences program addresses a rapidly growing field and targets specific areas of health sciences including kinesiology, social work, nursing, nurse anesthesia and communication sciences and disorders, preparing individuals for careers in research, academia and industry. 


TCU’s Master of Social Work program prepares highly competent, ethical and culturally-responsive advanced generalist social workers. Through its hands-on approach to teaching, research and mentorship, students are prepared to challenge structural inequities, implement trauma-informed approaches and lead social change at the micro, mezzo and macro levels of practice. Program graduates are leaders within the social work profession who meaningfully partner with diverse populations to transform local and global communities for the greater good.