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BS in Nursing



TCU Nursing has an innovative curriculum designed to prepare students to work in a wide variety of agencies, clinics, and other community facilities in addition to hospitals and extended-care facilities. The curriculum’s emphasis in classrooms and patient care settings enhances the development of critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and decision-making skills. Students are expected to assume considerable responsibility for their own learning and to become increasingly independent in the exercise of clinical judgment and in application of nursing process to a variety of problems and situations.

Our faculty includes accomplished educators, researchers, and practitioners interested in promoting the field of nursing education and practice. Our simulation and practice labs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to prepare students for patient care before entering the hospital setting. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing at TCU:

  • Builds on and reinforces a broad foundation of liberal studies
  • Includes a professional nursing residency during the last semester
  • Provides a solid grounding in practice through partnerships with regional health care systems

Nursing courses constitute approximately one half of the four-year program. The sequence of nursing courses provides learning experiences in all major practice areas and in a variety of institutions and agencies in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the baccalaureate nursing program, the generalist will:

 1. Demonstrate values and behaviors that support the vision, mission, and core values of TCU and TCU Nursing.

2. Meet complex health needs of individuals, families, populations, and communities.

3. Apply leadership and management principles to achieve safe, high quality, person-centered care.

4. Use information management systems and technology to provide care and optimize patient outcomes.

5. Engage in scholarship, leadership, and service.


BSN Tracks

TCU Nursing offers two BSN tracks – traditional and accelerated. Both tracks consist of the same 60 hours of in person coursework and share identical prerequisite and TCU core requirements. Regardless of desired track, students are required to complete 120 hours to earn a TCU undergraduate degree. Admission requirements vary depending on student status.



The traditional track is designed to prepare students for professional nursing practice in a 29-month program. The program consists of five semesters of nursing coursework completed in Fall and Spring semesters only.



The accelerated track is designed to prepare students for professional nursing practice in a 19-month program that provides the same courses and clinical hours as the traditional track. The program consists of five semesters of nursing coursework completed in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Coursework begins in June with completion the following December.


Technical Standards

Technical Standards are a necessary component to the complex discipline of nursing.  All students must meet these standards with or without reasonable accommodations.  Students wishing to enter the TCU Nursing program must demonstrate that they can meet these technical standards and continue to do so throughout their nursing education program.

Technical Standards for TCU Nursing Students