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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Our online programs are flexible enough to accommodate professional nurses who do not want to put their career on hold or uproot their lives to relocate.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree is an innovative, solution-focused program designed to prepare individuals to lead efforts in solving complex health care issues and developing new health care opportunities. The DNP provides terminal academic preparation for nursing practice. The purpose of this program is to prepare graduates for clinical leadership positions in a variety of health care, business, government, and educational settings.

The TCU DNP practice doctorate is designed to prepare experts in advanced nursing practice and translate evidence to improve systems of care to influence healthcare outcomes.

DNP Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the doctor of nursing practice program, the graduate will:

  1. Demonstrate values and behaviors that support the vision, mission, and core values of TCU and TCU Nursing.
  2. Apply principles of advanced decision making to evaluate the complexities of healthcare in a global society.
  3. Assume leadership roles for effective transdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare systems to promote optimal outcomes.
  4. Use information systems to design, select, and evaluate programs of care, healthcare systems, and health outcomes.
  5. Critically analyze healthcare policies to influence and educate policymakers and stakeholders.
  6. Employ ethical principles to decision-making in healthcare practices and systems.
  7. Design, deliver, direct, and disseminate high-quality evidence-based practices.

DNP Project Guidelines

Pathways to a DNP Degree

Post-Master’s DNP

Why Choose TCU for Your DNP Degree?

TCU offers much more than a degree; it provides you the opportunity to:

  • Learn from faculty who are outstanding educators, researchers, and practitioners committed to your success
  • Benefit from coursework delivered online through an interactive learning platform
  • Hone your leadership skills through interaction with fellow students, faculty, and community partnerships
  • Join a distinguished TCU alumni network