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The Davies School excels in teaching, research and clinical practice for speech-language pathology and deaf and hard of hearing habilitation.

For over 70 years, it has offered innovative services for individuals with communication difficulties, featuring one of the first bilingual speech-language pathology training programs nationally and emphasizing multicultural and cross-cultural instruction and research.

Why the Davies School?

Individual learning opportunities
Hands-on learning in state-of-the-art teaching, clinical and research facility
Participation in research projects and thesis opportunities
 Exposure to unique linguistically and clinically diverse populations

Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

TCU student working with a child on speech


Learn to evaluate, diagnose and treat individuals with alternative communication styles.

TCU students in an ASL class


Elevate your career in communication sciences and disorders.

Research & Outreach

As teacher-scholars, our Davies School faculty are engaged in research to better understand and treat communication and language disorders.

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Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Celebrating National Speech-Language-Hearing Month

TCU's Miller Speech & Hearing Clinic is celebrating by offering free hearing screenings to members of the Fort Worth community on Friday, April 26, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Registration required. (continue reading)

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Recent Publications

  • Knowledge and perspectives of Developmental Language Disorders: A survey of professionals working in law enforcement.

    Emily Lund

  • A case of nervus laryngeus superior paresis treated with Novafon Local Vibration Voice Therapy

    Christopher R. Watts

  • Regulation of Transglottal Airflow in Speakers with Parkinson’s Disease

    Christopher R. Watts

  • Phonation quotient using three aerodynamic instruments in the disordered voice

    Christopher R. Watts