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Our Vision is to Transform Global Health

Students particpate in a class taught by Sh'Niqua Alford

Our mission is to impact global health through equitable, accessible and inclusive education, scholarship and innovation.

Our faculty fulfills this mission by offering a dynamic curriculum that is responsive to the local and global communities and providing exemplary education of the highest standards, preparing students to enter careers that will benefit society.

Our Foundational Pillars

We Emphasize a Global Health Focus

Harris College prepares globally-minded human change agents who transform lives.

We Foster a Community of Growth

Harris College is a supportive, compassionate community dedicated to the holistic growth and development of health care and human service professionals.

We Model Excellence with Integrity

Harris College cultivates compassionate care, academic rigor and ethical conduct, molding students into health care professionals who prioritize integrity in their practice, safeguarding the well-being and trust of their patients.

Points of Pride

1,875 students enrolled in Harris College
$250 K endowment to support the study of Parkinson’s disease
21% BIPOC faculty
600 + clinical sites