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Undergraduate Programs

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Allied Health Sciences

Be prepared for a wide range of health care careers needed in today’s world to improve the well-being and lives of individuals and communities.

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Studies

Gain the specialized knowledge and experience needed to help deaf and hard-of-hearing people understand and communicate better and enhance their learning.


Health & Fitness

Develop your skills in the classroom, lab and a variety of clinical settings as you build the solid foundation required for a career in the highly competitive and rapidly growing fitness industry.


Movement Science

Help others improve their health and quality of life through physical activity by understanding how the human body moves.

Movement Science 3+2

TCU offers a five-year program where students can earn both a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT).

TCU Nursing


Learn how to compassionately care for patients in one of the nation’s most in-demand fields. Develop your skills in our hands-on simulation labs using advanced technology, preparing you for various work settings.


Physical Education

Create a culture of health for future generations. Through combined courses in kinesiology and education, you’ll be prepared for a career teaching in grades K-12.


Physical Education: Strength & Conditioning

Make tomorrow’s generation healthier while strengthening your career options. Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a strength and conditioning coach working in educational, clinical and professional sport settings.

Social Work

Be an agent for the change gaining a deeper understanding of the world, sharpening your critical thinking skills and developing the knowledge to become an ethical social worker ready to help in a variety of settings.

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Speech-Language Pathology

Learn to give the gift of language through unique classroom and hands-on education. In our Miller Speech & Hearing Clinic you’ll work with patients and learn to treat a variety of speech, language and hearing disorders.