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Graduate Programs

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TCU Nursing

Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Treat chronic, acute or critical illnesses in adults and the elderly. You’ll develop skills through doctoral-level training and prepare for a career in high-demand.


Athletic Training

Learn to identify and treat injuries and illnesses to help athletes stay at their best. Additionally, you’ll assist patients in recovery in various educational, clinical and professional sport settings.

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology

Use your bilingual skills to evaluate and treat speech and language disorders in the Spanish-speaking community, meeting the needs of the fastest-growing population in the country.

Nursing & Health Sciences

Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Empower individuals to live life to the fullest by becoming a proficient entry-level clinician in any area of occupational therapy practice. We will begin accepting applications summer 2024. Email for more information.

TCU Nursing

Executive Nurse Leadership & Practice DNP

Prepare to become a health care leader and advanced nursing expert on your schedule through our 100% online program.

TCU Nursing

Family Nurse Practitioner

Provide health care to people of all ages in a variety of health care settings while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Nursing & Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Transform global health through a rewarding career in clinical research, academia or industry through an interdisciplinary focus on kinesiology, social work, nursing, nurse anesthesia or communication sciences and disorders.


Gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of human movement and integrate movement-based principles in a variety of laboratory, educational, clinical and athletic settings.

Nurse Anesthesia

Provide pain management to patients compassionately and safely through one of the highest-earning professions in health care. Practice your skills in state-of-the art simulation facilities and conduct your clinical residency in one of over 60 U.S. clinical sites.

TCU Nursing

Nurse Educator

Pay it forward by educating the next generation of nurses. Learn the scholarship of teaching, discovery, application and integration in a variety of settings – 100% online.

TCU Nursing

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Become part of the solution for a national health care crisis. Learn how to provide comprehensive primary mental health care across the lifespan in a variety of settings.

Social Work

Challenge structural inequities, apply trauma-informed approaches and lead social change at all levels of practice through hands-on teaching, research and mentorship.

Social Work Dual Degree (with Brite Divinity School)

Combine your Master of Social Work degree with a focus on various areas, such as biblical studies, Black church studies, military chaplaincy, pastoral care or sexual and gender justice.

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Speech-Language Pathology

Prepare for a rewarding career as a speech-language pathologist in various settings, including hospitals, private practices and schools.